The Vault

A through-the-line Christmas campaign to reduce churn and drive incremental spend with existing customers and increase consideration with non-customers.

Creative Chris Wiseman / Designer Chris Martin / Producer Michael Tarren / Project Management Dan Mansfield / Copywriter Rich Lord / Pre-Production Kode Media / Post-Production Fall Off The Wall / Media PHD
The Problem
Our research highlighted that now more than ever customers are looking for new and exciting promotions that give value when they play. They are tired of being forced to play games they don’t like and hate receiving a reward that isn't rewarding. 
We wanted to come up with a new promotion that helped answer some of these points, to give customers a reason to play their favourite games with us — and no one else.
The Solution
Do you ever feel that you get very little back, for putting a lot in? How about putting lots in already, to only be told that you need to put more in! Well, what if the game was changed? What if you could potentially get more back versus the amount you put in.
Using this thought process, I wanted the customer to ask themselves one question. Not just what was waiting for them inside The Vault, but why they should play at Sky Vegas in the first place. That question was "What's in it for you?". 
This jumping off point fuelled the entire creative and gave birth to a strategy that didn't give the answer, but instead injected intrigue to drive customers to site to find out for themselves.
It's Only A Gameshow…
Building trust with our players is key for us, so we were nervous around how The Vault could be perceived. We needed to create something that would invite players down to try and open the Vault — but not break in — so some sort of heist was out of the question. 
We decided to position The Vault as a gameshow and us it as a thread throughout product and advertising. We brought to life the suspense and anticipation that came with playing, not just our games, but The Vault game itself. 
Outputs were delivered over four pillars which considered mass channels at different customer touch-points. The first of which was broadcast. A 30" TV spot that aired during Gogglebox at 9:15pm on Friday Night.

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