Unwrap the Unexpected /

86% of our players spend Christmas elsewhere. Our challenge was to change this by communicating an offer for all our players. All they had to do was spend £10 on any jackpot game, to win a cash prize of up to £10,000… Sounds good right?

Creative Chris Wiseman / Designer Chris Martin / Producer Michael Tarren / Project Management Dan Mansfield / Copywriter Rich Lord / Pre-Production Kode Media / Post-Production Fall Off The Wall / Media PHD
The Problem /
December is the time of year where every brand and their dog, increases media spend. Brands love to pull on the heart strings, sell their “biggest Christmas ever”, and tell us why Christmas is best spent with them. For most, it’s the perfect time to resonate with a captive audience. 
But, when every other brand embraces the season of giving, how could a Gambling brand cut through the noise?
"86% of players who churned from Sky Vegas in December said they left to play at competitor"
The Solution /
In an industry where everyone loves to shout, we held back. At a time of year where brands say more, we said less. We developed a strategy underpinned by the unexpected moments at Christmas. Adding more intrigue, to the standard cash giveaway.
Whether that’s hoping the fairy lights still work, wishing the turkey isn’t burnt to a crisp, or wondering what’s hidden beneath the wrapping paper. It’s the unexpected, that makes Christmas special.
Unwrap the Unexpected /
The campaign plan featured an Emotional build up that ended with a Rational reveal, where we targeted specific audiences with visually relevant information based on their knowledge of Sky Vegas.
For the first phase we changed the name of our prizes too 'Surprises'. Keeping the cash that our players could win, under wraps for two weeks and developing a customer journey that mirrored the Christmas experience.
The End Game /
Once players had staked £10 or more on jackpot games, they were presented with a mini game each week that revealed their surprise. 
Working closely with the Product team we made sure the mini game was not only visually consistent with the advertising, but the experience of 'Unwrapping the Unexpected' was.
Players wouldn't know how much they'd won right up until they opened their surprise — even then, each gift was randomly shaped to not give the game away too early.
Early Concept of the Cash Wrapper
Early Concept of the Cash Wrapper
Final Design of the Cash Wrapper
Final Design of the Cash Wrapper
Final Mini Game Experience
Final Mini Game Experience
Unexpected Media /
The King' was used across TV, Digital, OOH and Onsite to promote our offer in our Emotive phase for two weeks. He wanted players to “Unwrap the Unexpected” and ‘didn’t wanna ruin the surprises’, pulling the camera away to keep it a secret.
In Digital, he annoyingly played the guitar over the surprises reveal and Onsite and OOH, he managed to lean across the cash and obscure our players view.
After two weeks, the game was up. The wrapping paper was torn away, and we told our players what they could win. Re-energising the campaign across media, by celebrating our giveaway in our Rational phase. We even partnered with LadBible Group to further our audience reach — creating content that lived 'Unwrapping the Unexpected'. 
Performance /
First Week
Target: 118k Opt-ins | Result: 146k Opt-ins in 3 Days 
Target: 68k Qualifiers | Result: 68k Qualifiers in 3 Days 
Most stakes on Sky Vegas – Ever.
Opt-in targets beaten every week
Stakes Per Unique: 30% uplift
67% Appeal — the highest within the sector.

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